Here's some great questions from our customers and our answers...

Why are the photos of the garments in the design tool not real pictures? - Jon.

Because we can supply over 3000 items for printing and embroidery we have to rely on the brands to supply decent photography for us to to use or we'd have to spend all our time in the studio photographing each style and colour.  Sadly, not all brands give us great photos so sometimes we just have to improvise.  We are working hard to replace as many as possible but it's not an easy task!

Are the dimensions shown in the designer actually what you print as they seem a little odd? - Lucy.

This is a fantastic question, and needs a little explaining.  In short, the designer is a tool that allows you to have a decent play at designing your own stuff.  Because sizes of garments affect the actual size of the embelishments we suggest you use them really only as a guide.  Our expert team of apparel experts will ensure we take your design and use our years of experience to create a product that looks as close to your online design as possible.  If we're not sure of something or if we think something is not quite right then we'll be in touch.

How accurate are the colours of the products shown on my computer versus what they look like in real life? - Ahmed.

Pretty close is the honest truth but a lot depends on the quality of your screen and how your device is setup.  If you've got an 5K Retina iMac then what you see is likely to be different to someone using a basic mobile phone as their primary device.

What do you mean by Colour Digital Printing, does that mean the print is like an iron-on transfer or something? - Jake.

Nope, we don't use any iron-on printing, although we do use industrial compressed air electronically controled heat presses to ensure any transfers we make a rock solid.  Colour digitial printing can mean one of a few process, from direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, eco-solvent printed transfers (typically how sports kit logos are printed) or CAD cut vinyl which is often how names and numbers are put on things.  Again we use all our experience to ensure we use the very best process to achieve your design.

Why do I have to order a minimum of 25 units to be able to screen print? - David.

Sadly, Silk Screen Printing takes a lot of setup to get going with.  We have to make films, expose them on to photsensitive screens and then get the stencils registered on the press.  It's pretty old school even with the latest presses which means it takes a lot, lot longer to get going than any digitial process.  If we did it for just one item, it would be a super expensive product so we have to have a commercially sensible minimim order of 25 units, which is still pretty low by industry standards.

How should I take care of my t-shirts, what settings can I wash them on? - Kev.

It's generally good practice to ensure that all garments are washed inside out as this stops damage being caused when the garment ends up rubbing on the drum when spinning.  The more careful you are with washing, the longer life you'll get from your items.  We recommend, cool washing at 30 degrees, inside out, no tumble drying and especially no harsh cleaning agents containing degreasers as these will actively attack the print. 

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